Controls & Accessories

Controls & Accessories

Airlift tailors the controls and accessories to each individual application. Our sales staff will be happy to suggest a control package that is most efficient for your door and operator setup. The controls and accessories listed below are a small sample of what we have available.


Standard Control Box

  • Waterproof Enclosure
  • Emergency Open Function (optional)
  • Includes Heavy Duty Filter Regulator

Lite-Select Control Box

  • Lighted buttons for diagnosing signal problems
  • Diagnostic toggle function (optional)
  • Emergency open function (optional)

Multi Door Control Box

  • Keep door control in equipment room
  • Ideal for large washes with multiple bays
  • 4,5 and 6 door sizes available

Infra-Red Photo Eyes

  • Provides instant reversal of door
  • Ideal for car washes