24 inch PVC Walls

24 inch PVC Walls wide

P2400 Flat Panels are made to cover large areas quickly. Panels are 24-inches wide and available in custom lengths to fit your project requirements. Panels have a smooth, glossy surface that improves overall reflective lighting. Creates a great-looking, easy-to-clean wall for corrosive or high-moisture areas while also maintaining a fresh, clean appearance.

P2400 PANELS' bright white surface quickly sheds water. Made with 100% virgin, exterior-grade PVC, with a Class A fire rating; the 24" wide P2400 wall panel has a tongue-and-groove design with a nailing fin along one side that makes installation quick and easy, with no exposed fasteners. For panel installation instructions see (Wall & Ceiling Panel Installation Instructions) or Click on the following for PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. All panels are cut to the inch of customers' requested length, up to 20 feet. They are easy to clean, durable, never need paint and will not rot or rust. Panels are 100% recyclable and do not support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and D3274.


Material PVC
Thickness 1/2 Inch
Width 24 Inch
Height 4' - 20'
Weight 1.55 lb/ft
Warranty 15 yr
Panel Design Flat
Standards ASTM D3273
ASTM D3274
ASTM E-84-05
Can/ULC S102.2-03
Color Beige
Available Trim Chair-Rail-Br-1
Chair Rail
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Inside Corner
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