Autec Evolution-1


EV-1 Evolution Combination Car Wash System

The EV-1 Evolution is the premier car wash system for any business. Autec has incorporated 48 high pressure oscillating nozzles to the top of the line AES-415 soft touch system plus eight additional turbo nozzles to cover the tires, wheels and rocker panels creating a unique car wash that provides your customers an unprecedented selection of services.

The Evolution also dispenses a specially formulated heated foam presoak to ensure optimum cleaning. The Evolution offers countless profit-making features including multiple levels of soft touch, high pressure touch free or the optimum profit producer, an awesome combination of both. The EV-1 offers up to seven unique wash packages for consumers to choose from.

The EV-1 features the same high quality design, construction and a wide range of options that the industry has come to expect from AUTEC, all of which expand your profit-making potential.

The EVOLUTION™ offers car wash operators more profit-making options than any car wash system on the market, including multiple levels of:

  • Friction
  • High Pressure
  • An awesome combination of both